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(PRWEB) October 23, 2002

Every day of your life your body needs 15 vitamins, 60 minerals, 12 amino acids, and 3 fatty acids – they’re all in Body Balance in exactly the right proportions. Two ounces a day only costs about $ 1.50 per day.

When we think of the various ways we spend (or waste) our money, we can see that Body Balance is an incredible bargain. For example, for the same $ 1.50 it costs to give your body over 121 nutrients, you could buy a glass of iced tea in a restaurant, a box of popcorn at the movies, or a small salad in a cafeteria. I’m kidding about the popcorn – that was to see if you were paying attention.

It’s interesting to me that people will go into a convenience store, get soft drink and a snack (which is detrimental to the body), pay two dollars, and think nothing of it. Yet these same people think that $ 1.50 per day to get the vitamins, minerals fatty acids, amino acids and enzymes that the body needs to maintain health is just too expensive.

The sad truth is that Americans suffer a lot of unnecessary disease because of nutritional deficiencies. Dr. Joel Wallach states on his tape Dead Doctors Don’t Lie II that heart disease often results from a selenium deficiency. A brain aneurysm is a copper deficiency. Brain cancer is caused by a lack of gallium. Diabetes is a chromium and vanadium deficiency. The body needs these minerals and 55 others on a daily bases to prevent disease and they all are in Body Balance.

Body Balance is truly a miracle product in reality, saves a ton of money for those who take it daily. Think how much it costs to be sick, to miss work or school, to go to the doctor, to buy prescriptions, to pay hospital bills. In addition to monetary costs, think of the misery pain and heartache that could have been prevented.

It’s like taking care of your car. You can spend a little and get the oil changed regularly or you can spend a lot getting the engine replaced. Similarly you can spend a little to get good nutrition every day or spend a lot trying to regain your health.

If for some reason you need to economize your life, you should economize on something other then your health – you could cut back on eating out, entertainment, going to the beauty shop, or vending machine purchases. Some people could save several dollars a day just by eliminating soft drinks. But try to save money by not giving your body nutrition is pure folly. Ask the people in the nursing homes if they wish they had known to spend $ 1.50 a day to maintain health. Better yet, ask their families who are now going bankrupt trying to pay for the nursing home care. Body Balance is the best $ 1.50 you could spend on yourself every day. PREVENTION IS ALWAYS CHEAPER THAN CURE.

Clayton Christansen

ID # 128536

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