New product introduction: certified organic, certified kosher blue corn chips, made with HempNut brand shelled hempseed. High in omega-3 essential fatty acid, all natural, delicious.

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(PRWEB) April 25, 2002

SEBASTOPOL, CALIF.– HempNut, Inc. announces the the newest product introduction from HempNut, Inc.: the first certified organic, certified kosher blue corn chip. Made with HempNut brand shelled hempseed, it is high in omega-3 essential fatty acid, and all natural. The structure/function claim on the package says it all: “Helps support healthy heart, brain, lung, and immune function.” This is the first known kosher organic healthy corn chip.

And it is also the coolest chip on the planet: third-party certified >95% organic (including the oil, most use nonorganic oil), made with only 4 ingredients (and never any flavorings), certified kosher (Kof-K), vegan, high in omega-3, blue corn means never any Genetically-Modified Organisms (unlike yellow corn), healthier organic high-oleic sunflower and/or safflower oils are used, and packed in a metal mylar bag to protect the omega-3 fatty acid and to prevent rancidity. (Unlike plastic bags, mylar keeps oxygen from getting into the bag and causing rancidity, plus we flush the bag of oxygen with inert nitrogen gas.) It’s the best package we can find for the best chips we can make.

Like all HempNut foods, this one contains no THC, and eating them will not result in a positive drug test. Thus, they are drug test compatible.

This product helps support healthy heart, brain, lung, and immune function. And not only are they super healthy, they taste great! This is one of the most organic chips available today, and the healthiest, and certainly contending for the honor of tastiest as well!

HempNut brand shelled hempseed is very nutritious, at 9% omega-3 and 31% protein. It has been used continuously as food for at least 5,000 years, first in China. Hempseed is mankind’s oldest food crop.

HempNut, Inc. is the world’s oldest and largest hempseed food company, with its first product introduced in 1994. Today the line includes blue corn chips, kosher shelled hempseed, peanut butter, whole food bar, chocolate chip cookies, cheese alternative, veggie burger, omega-3 nutritional oil, lip balm, and “The HempNut Health and Cookbook” with 116 recipes. Distribution of the firm’s products include the US, Canada, and Europe.

All products are available online at the firm’s store:, or by calling the HempNut Order Line at 1-877-HEMPNUT.

Kosher certification is by Kof-K of New Jersey. Organic certification is by QAI of California.

HempNut: omega-3, not THC.

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