Ministers support Cocaine and Opiates, but ignore hemp

Wednesday,April 23, 2014 @ 21:09

(PRWEB) May 31, 2002

Coca-cola once contained cocaine. Poppy seeds come from Opium. Both poppy seed bagels and a bottle of Coca-Cola contain miniscule quantities of dangerous drugs.

It is known that use of Coca-Cola and Poppy Seed does not lead to hard drug use. However, Ministers seem to believe that, despite world-wide use of non-drug hemp seeds in food that Hemp Foods will give the wrong impression to the community.

Ministers have inadvertently prohibited what is a multi-million dollar industry to local Australians, when they claim to actually be helping the community.

All evidence from the Australian and New Zealand Food Authority and from Governments in all major Western societies shows that hemp foods are actually health.

“They contain high amounts of good quality protein and are a great balanced source of essential fatty acids.” States Paul Benhaim, Managing Director of Hemp Foods Australia.

Hemp Foods Australia currently produces hemp foods in Victoria using Tasmanian grown hemp seeds for export markets, but cannot sell nationally. “

We have processors, distributors, farmers, retailers and consumers hounding us for new business as the current business climate is not ideal,” sighs Paul Benhaim.

“We have some great opportunities that we would like to pass on to our local community,” as Paul positively puts it. With not so much of a smile he re-iterates “Currently all this business goes overseas, putting the money outside of Australia and out of our community.”

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